Philosophical thoughts about life

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Something tries to explains itself

Imagine a stone starts to try explaining itself by asking all sorts of questions. Where do I come from? Where do I go? Why am I aware of myself? Crazy, isn't it? In fact, our brain is doing exactly that. At least the brain of a scientist asking the above-mentioned questions.

The most arrogant organ

Think about the following:
Isn't the brain the most interesting, the most fascinating and the most wonderful organ? Now, ask yourself who is telling you that?

What is an emotion?

An emotion communicates a feeling! The young lady feels very happy and her face and her arms communicate her happiness. Thus, happiness as such is not an emotion, it's a feeling. The respective emotion is behavior that communictes the feeling to others.
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What is the human Psyche?

The brain contains sensory neurons that feed it with information and it has motor neurons to execute behavior. In between are interneurons processing information. That information processing is the human psyche!